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I suffered from cancers starting from my early 20's. It was a long and exhausting journey consuming most of my younger years. I found much peace and joy in art creations when faced with stressful physical and mental challenges from numerous treatments in and out of hospitals. In 2014 I took a course to sharpen my artistic skills and met some amazing friends and mentors.


In 2015 I encountered the 3rd cancer in my life. I was devastated but still completed the course and earned a title at a local art competition in Hong Kong. The winning artwork is a portrait of myself when I was going through numerous cancer treatments.

Self Portrait

"Life is Only One: Yoshitomo Nara - Imagination of Life"

Art Competition - Open Division- 1st Runner-up Award

Artist Statements:

The subject hold onto peace, represented by bear in arms and hope represented by flowers, while struggling between life and death, represented by light and shadow. Although my body was weak from sickness, my eyes sparkled with hope that I was alive and tomorrow would be another day. It was a vivid representation of myself grieving while holding onto positivity in order to get through every struggling moment:

In 2016 I relocated to the States and continuing my art journey, exploring the world of art combining life experiences and imaginations.  As a cancer survivor I am living a life with lasting impact from years of illness, surgeries and medical treatments. Physical limitation prohibits me from enjoying regular activities such as a walk for an extended period of time. Deterioration of my body as a result of past chemo treatments impact my quality of life significantly. But I refuse to let these traumatizing experiences and fear of future recurrence distract me from exploring the world of art. when I was in pain and distress.

The only way to move forward with my life is to stay focused at the moment, on what I can put my energy on and improve my quality or life. So I learnt to pick up the brushes and keep painting what I love: nature and animals, from which I found much needed peace and joy, and share with people around me who are looking for the same in life.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my art creations and find your favorite pieces:

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