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Male Anna's hummingbird

Male Anna's hummingbird

Male Anna's hummingbird

Oil on Wood Panel


• Original painting 2.5 x 3.5 in

• Framed to 3.75 x 4.75 in Japan made ornate Golden frame

• Varnished for sheen appearance & longevity

• Signed by artist in the front


Introducing our original oil painting of a Male Anna's Hummingbird, capturing its vibrant colors and graceful form.


This tiny bird with its iridescent feathers is a truly adorable subject that adds a sense of beauty and life to any space. Whether you're in search of a unique gift for a bird lover or looking to elevate your home decor with a stunning piece of art, this painting is sure to make a statement.


Measuring just 5x7 inches, it's perfect for adding a touch of nature to any room without overwhelming the space. Bring the beauty of nature into your home with this charming and meticulously painted Male Anna's Hummingbird.

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