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The love of Hummingbirds

I started drawing hummingbirds since Feb this year, because I missed a little friend who used to visit and comfort me at a time of loss.

In my previous home there was a balcony on second floor, where birds and bees hang round the flowers and plants. A hummingbird visited me almost every day - I assume it was a male and named after my beloved dog "Fei Fei", who passed away a month earlier. He is a cutie with red scales on his neck and is obviously larger in size than other hummingbirds. He would just sit on the nectar feeder and kept a watchful eyes on the other hummingbirds trying to come near his territory.

I was very sad since my dog who kept me company for 15 years passed away in Nov 2020, then this hummingbird came along and comforted me. It was so much fun just watching him sitting on the feeder with his eyes closed and sometimes singing when he was awake.

He made me laughed when he chased after the other birds who try to "steal" from HIS nectar (he think). He brought me comfort and peace while I was recovering from sadness of losing a life-long friend and company. When I had to move, it broke my heart again having to leave him behind, not knowing where he would find another home.

Until this day I still think of him at times and missed him a lots, and my beloved dog Fei Fei.

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