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My Precious Acorn

My Precious Acorn

My Precious Acorn

Acrylic on Canvas 9"x12"


This painting captures the playfulness and curious nature of these furry creatures, as the squirrel seems to gazing out at the world with wide eyes. I had so much fun experimenting with different shades of brown to bring the squirrel's fur to life, and the textured brushstorkes add to the depth and dimension to the painting.


This piece would make a perfect addition to any nature lover's collection. So thrilled to have this completed and ready to find its right home.


• ORIGINAL Acrylic Painting

• Unique painting with NO any other exact copies with the same acrylic technique

• Varnished for sheen appearance & longevity

• Signed by artist in the front

• Size 9” (W) x 12” (L) x 1-5/8” (D)


• Framed in Gallary wood and Ready for hang



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