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My Precious Peanut

My Precious Peanut

My Precious Peanut

Acrylic on Wood Panel 10"x10"


"My Precious Peanut" is a captivating painting that portrays a delightful squirrel in all its charming glory. The focal point of the artwork is the squirrel, cradling a plump peanut in its tiny paws. Its expressive eyes are filled with curiosity and a touch of mischievousness as it gazes at its cherished prize. It conveys the idea that this simple peanut has become a treasure to the squirrel, symbolizing the joy and contentment found in life's small pleasures.


• ORIGINAL Acrylic Painting

• Unique painting with NO any other exact copies with the same acrylic technique

• Varnished for sheen appearance & longevity

• Signed by artist in the front

• Size 10” (W) x 10” (L) x 1-5/8” (D)

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