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Rest and Smell The Rose - Costa's Hummingbird (male)

Rest and Smell The Rose - Costa's Hummingbird (male)

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Rest and Smell the Rose - Costa's Hummingbird (male)

Acrylic on Canvas 11x14

Stop! take a rest and smell the rose. Enjoy life's beauty just like this Costa's hummingbird - desert scrub species of southwestern United States. I am fascinated by its 80 wing beats per sec while flying. And equally impressed by its complete stillness on a rose - a sight to behold and captured in painting.


•    ORIGINAL Acrylic Painting
•    Unique painting with NO any other exact copies with the same acrylic technique
•    Varnished for sheen appearance & longevity 

•    Signed by artist in the front at bottom left corner
•    Size11” (W) x 14” (L) x 11/16” (D)
•    Ready to hang

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